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About Dr. Neeraj Gupta

Neeraj Gupta, a committed catalyst for positive change, unveils a career woven with diversity and  an unwavering dedication to fostering India’s growth. Over nearly two and a half decades, his journey has been a mosaic of experiences that transcend boundaries and industries. A distinguished alumnus of IIM-Calcutta and NIT-Bhopal, Neeraj seamlessly blends academic rigor with real-world entrepreneurial insights. As a serial entrepreneur overseeing four SME businesses, his hands-on experience uniquely equips him to empathize with and address the intricate challenges faced by SMEs. Neeraj’s quest for knowledge led him to attain certification as an NLP practitioner and master practitioner under Richard Bandler in the USA. This additional layer of expertise enriches his coaching approach, allowing him to harness cutting-edge business coaching tools to their fullest potential. In 2019, Neeraj was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate in “Business Management and Entrepreneurship”, leading him to proudly adopt the title of “Dr.” before his name. At the core of Neeraj’s mission is a deep commitment to elevating the Indian business landscape. He champions the cause of SME business owners, orchestrating remarkable improvements in profitability with an impressive annual growth rate of 68%. Yet, his impact extends beyond boardrooms, resonating in the lives of young professionals and students whom he guides towards brighter career trajectories. Beyond corporate realms, Neeraj dons many hats — from IT, Marketing, and Sales to Finance, Taxation, and HR. His diverse experiences, coupled with an unwavering commitment to coaching and training, underscore his versatility and holistic understanding of various business and professional landscapes. Recognizing that the growth of SME business owners, young professionals, and students is pivotal to the country’s GDP and quality of life index, Neeraj strategically channels his efforts to uplift these segments.

Benefiting these segments

SME Business Owners

Embodying the spirit of SME empowerment, Neeraj Gupta strategically guides business owners in unlocking unparalleled growth. Through a nuanced approach, he facilitates a substantial boost in profitability, averaging a remarkable 68% annual growth. His hands-on experience as a serial entrepreneur, managing four SME businesses, uniquely positions him to understand and address the specific challenges faced by SMEs. By leveraging cutting-edge business coaching tools, Neeraj empowers SMEs to navigate complexities, ensuring sustainable success and a robust contribution to the Indian economy.

Young Professionals

For young professionals seeking rapid career advancement, Neeraj Gupta serves as a compass, guiding them toward faster promotions, salary increments, and enhanced employability. Drawing from diverse global experiences and expertise across multiple fields, including IT, Marketing, Sales, HR, and more, Neeraj imparts invaluable insights. His coaching methodology, enriched by NLP mastery, equips young professionals with the skills and strategies needed to stand out in the competitive landscape. The result is not just career progression but a transformative journey toward becoming industry leaders.


Neeraj Gupta’s commitment to enhancing employability extends to students, where he plays a pivotal role in streamlining their transition from education to employment. By providing targeted guidance, coaching, and leveraging his extensive network, Neeraj ensures that students are better equipped to secure suitable jobs faster and more effortlessly. His mission is to nurture the next generation, empowering them to contribute meaningfully to India’s workforce while embracing the opportunities of a rapidly evolving professional landscape.

In essence, Neeraj Gupta’s approach is characterized by a genuine dedication to the success of SMEs, professionals, and students, ensuring that each segment experiences tailored guidance and tangible outcomes.